Las Vegas expert spot luxury kitchen trends


A beautifully designed kitchen is the heart of the house – especially at Christmas time.

Whether baking sugar cookies, entertaining loved ones or preparing a festive meal, the kitchen becomes the center of life for family and friends.

Just as the pandemic changed holiday gatherings, it also affected the homeowner’s relationship with the kitchen space.

“People were forced to stay home,” says interior designer Tiffany Sparks, owner of Tiffany Sparks Design. “The kitchen became more than a kitchen. It became a multifunctional room for remote work and school. “

The new multipurpose function, as well as more time at home, resulted in an assessment of the overall design of the kitchen. Wealthy homeowners discovered the importance of designing a highly functional yet inviting kitchen space.

“Customers are thinking more about what’s going into their homes and kitchens,” said Heather Gunn, interior design manager at Blue Heron. “It’s about having more comfortable space to gather together.”

Today’s luxury kitchens embody a clear, modern yet warm aesthetic. Minimalist designs with an open concept combine high-quality kitchens with the outside living spaces of the house by including biophilic design elements such as natural stone and warm woods. Neutral color palettes create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

Current high-end kitchens offer voluminous central or double islands, slim cupboards, large clad smart devices, hidden pantries, catering kitchens and integrated lighting systems.

“A wellness architecture has emerged in which mood and well-being can be influenced by color structures and layout,” said Randy Char, President and Broker of Las Vegas Sotheby’s International Realty. “Customers want to further expand the importance of a kitchen for them.”

Here’s a look at some of the kitchen trends in the luxury market.

European style cabinets

Homeowner Kimberly Fender’s luxurious kitchen design shows the trend towards simple, elegant aesthetics.

Its two-tone, European-style flat-screen cabinets combine a matte phantom black finish on the exterior walls with warm, cognac-colored walnut wood on the center island and the smaller cabinets above.

“We have a place in Utah that is warm and welcoming,” said Fender. “People feel good as soon as they enter. That’s what I wanted in this house, but with a modern twist.

“I love the color black and just started playing with different colors and found the color cognac,” she continued. “It brings warmth to the room.”

The slim cabinets have no visible fittings and the upper cabinets fold up instead of opening outwards. Matching black-paneled appliances and hidden galley doors built into the cabinets frame the clean lines of the minimalist design.

A 12-foot center island with Calcutta-quartz waterfall countertops compliments the cognac wood front panel. A light gray large-format porcelain stoneware tile floor flows through the 400 square meter room and creates a soft visual backdrop for the eye-catching furniture.

“There’s a nice contrast between the cabinets, counters and flooring,” said Steve Yanke, president of Westpoint Development Group Inc. “It works very well together.”

Elegant, European-style flat-screen cabinets with hidden hardware and motorized doors are very popular in high-end homes. The popular materials and surfaces include natural woods such as walnut and oak as well as thermally fused laminate.

“People prefer natural lighter woods,” said Sparks. “And in the direction of the flat panel cabinet design in the European style.”

Gunn points out the popularity of cabinet fronts that incorporate materials such as black glass, steel, embossed leather, cement, and metal panels.

Fender’s 7,000-square-foot custom home in the MacDonald Highland Community in Henderson was designed by Richard Luke Architects and created by custom home builder Westpoint Development Group Inc.

Larger kitchen islands

Extensive central or double islands form a strong eye-catcher for high-end kitchens as well as additional storage space.

“Larger kitchen islands are trendy,” says Sparks. “Seven feet was the traditional size, now it’s over 10 feet.”

These sprawling islands are completed with luxurious waterfall edge countertops made from natural stone such as quartzite and marble.

“We make a lot of beautiful streamlined kitchens,” said Gunn. “We will use a beautiful plate on the island that will become a work of art in the room.”

The prestigious Azure at The Ridges in Summerlin has a 400-square-meter transitional style kitchen that combines elements of contemporary and traditional design. Its central feature is an oversized 6 foot by 16 foot island with a white quartz countertop.

“It’s a nice kitchen,” said Yanke. “The island is huge and offers an incredible amount of space.”

Designed by Richard Luke Architects and custom-made by Westpoint Development Group Inc., the kitchen features hardwood floors and wood-stained beams against a white tongue and groove ceiling.

Latest technology

The impressive gourmet kitchen in Vegas Modern 001 by Blue Heron presents an incredible biophilic design.

“We connect the kitchen directly to our outside spaces,” said Gunn. “In VM001, the rooms are all open plan and the kitchen is no exception. It opens to the great room that opens up to the amazing outdoor pool and the landscape. “

Inspired by its geographical location, its unique design features a concrete floor with micro-topping, natural travertine countertops with a waterfall edge and high-quality walnut cabinets with black glass and blackened steel.

To complement the incredible architecture and interior design, the 396 square meter kitchen offers cutting edge technology. Linear islands have built-in touch screens. Smart devices that are Wi-Fi compatible and an integrated LED lighting system add to the sophistication of the design.

“Smart appliances with touch panels can control the automation systems of the entire house,” said Gunn. “The intelligent stove’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to remotely preheat or control temperatures.”

VM001 has a fully integrated LED lighting system with recessed LED directional spotlights in the ceiling and linear LED lights mounted in the base cabinet.

“In the past few years, the lighting in the kitchen was not that much of a focus,” said Gunn. “But now we see a well thought-out design element.”

The 15,000 square meter model house is located in the exclusive Dragon Reserve of MacDonald Highlands with two gates and embodies the 17-year design development of Blue Heron in terms of innovative individual living design. It recently sold for an unprecedented $ 25 million.

Statement pieces

Sparks integrated a breathtaking 2.4 mx 5 m black square metal hood for their client’s bespoke, modern kitchen.

“A statement hood really decorates the room,” said Sparks. “I had it manufactured. It’s so huge that we had to add reinforcements to the wall to hold it in place. “

The imposing hood matches the lower black cabinets and island while creating a striking contrast to the light oak upper cabinets.

The elegant kitchen surrounds the distinctive hood and presents vaulted ceilings, Thermador appliances and large-format porcelain stoneware floors.

The kitchen back wall consists of a quartzite plate, which reflects the material of the worktop.

“What you are seeing now is ramp up the counter stuff for a full backsplash,” said Sparks. “It creates a clean look that wears it directly on the wall.”

Sparks’ 475-square-foot kitchen project is part of a 4,714-square-foot home in Henderson.

Hidden pantry or back kitchen

The culinary skills of Duncan and Irene Lee won this year’s Silver Nugget Award for best cuisine.

Designed by Eric Strain, AIA, designer and founder of assemblageSTUDIO, the approximately 300 square meter area integrates two different kitchens into a single space: a central main room and a hidden rear kitchen.

“If they have people, they can use the work kitchen as a place to prepare food,” said Strain in an interview for the special section of the Silver Nugget Award, which was published on November 7th. “The main kitchen remains relatively clean during this process.”

The 85 square meter kitchen behind the house is right next to the main room. It has a Wolf gas hob with a standard hood, a Cove dishwasher, a complete sink, an additional shelf and a pull-out pantry of 3.16 m. A door that matches the kitchen cupboard hides the space from the main area. Cased appliances act as a transition from the rear to the main kitchens.

The Lee’s 7,400-square-foot custom home is located in the prestigious Summerlin Summit community. It was built by Merlin Custom Home Builders.