Steve Aoki Spotting Filming ‘Pawn Stars’ At Circa Hotel In Las Vegas!


Steve Aoki was shooting a new episode of. sighted ‘Farmer Stars’ With Chumlee in downtown Las Vegas, and the famous DJ even met the godfather in person – Derek Stevens – holder of the Circa Resort and Casino!

At this point, it’s no surprise that the brand new downtown Vegas resort, Circa Las Vegas, has become one of the city’s biggest celebrity draws. Her latest star sighting took place 60 floors above the Las Vegas Valley at none other than Legacy Club (Circa’s renowned rooftop cocktail lounge). One iconic tourist attraction met another when the hit television series Pawn Stars filmed a brand new episode in the elegant lounge. With unparalleled panoramic city views from the Legacy Club, it wouldn’t be a shock if TV personality could see Chumlee Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from her huge outdoor deck.

‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee wasn’t the only long-haired star stationed on the roof of Circa. A worldwide phenomenon and very popular DJ, Steve Aoki stopped by to make a guest appearance on the reality history series. For those wondering what Steve and Chumlee were discussing … all you have to do is wait a few months for the episode to air (it sure is one of the best to date)!

Steve Aoki and Chumlee shoot an episode of ‘Pawn Stars’ together!

The explosion

After filming, Circa CEO / owner Derek Stevens ventured into the Legacy Club to hang out with the TV icon and DJ legend. Since this was the first time they were impressed by the resort’s rooftop terrace, Mr. Stevens was delighted to show them around. From the dazzling display of 500 custom-made gold bars to the elegant selection of spirits to the divine architecture, this place has it all (not to mention the interior and exterior views that cannot be found anywhere else). When they went outside onto the huge patio area, the photo ops began at the golden hour. What better setting than all of the Vegas Valley before sunset?

Derek Stevens and Steve Aoki decided to take a legendary photo, similar to the one the DJ took with his famous friends. Obviously this picture is worth a thousand words, but this one could be worth a million. Derek and Aoki, already 60 stories high, wanted to be captured even higher. Every fan of Aokis knows his favorite pose – jumping in the air. They decided to do this together and reached a greater height that loomed over the city of Las Vegas.

Derek Steves & Steve Aoki blow up their signature jump photo!

Steve Aoki spotting an episode of 'Pawn Stars' at the Circa Hotel in Las Vegas! The explosion

As you know, it’s rare for a casino owner to be this approachable and outgoing, but being part of a fun photo shoot like this without hesitation is something that sets Derek Stevens apart. The norm.

After filming, Aoki met with the management of Circa, Richard Wilkwhere he received a personal tour of the property. From the roof they went down to the fifth floor, where Steve saw his eyes Stadium swimming – The monumental amphitheater with outdoor swimming pool of Circa. Richard then accompanied Steve to the basement of the hotel and to her celebrated steakhouse. Barry’s Downtown Prime. This classic dining room contains 6 different themed dining rooms as well as 2 huge private tables with a seating capacity of 12-14 (perfect for Aoki and his entire crew)!

Legends of Las Vegas!

Steve Aoki spotting an episode of 'Pawn Stars' at the Circa Hotel in Las Vegas! The explosion

The food was so good that the renowned DJ returned to the restaurant and had dinner with some of his close friends. After dinner, celebrity chef / co-owner, Barry DakakeHe gave Aoki and his crew a special tour of the place where all the magic (and the delicious food) is done – the kitchen.

After touring the restaurant, they drove back to the casino floor, where the largest sports betting company in the world is located. Aoki’s jaw dropped as he looked at the 78 million-pixel screen.

The Grammy-nominated DJ has all of this in mind and is most likely planning to head to the state-of-the-art Circa Resort & Casino when he’s on time out – like many other stars do!

Just make sure we get an invitation !!

Steve Aoki gets VIP tour of Barry’s Downtown Prime

Steve Aoki spotting an episode of 'Pawn Stars' at the Circa Hotel in Las Vegas! The explosion