The Jonas family opens Nellie’s Southern Kitchen on the Las Vegas Strip in 2022


When Kevin Jonas Sr.’s grandmother came home from twelve hours at a cotton mill and still had cotton stains in her hair, she would roll out cookies, perfectly flaky and a good two inches high. These cookies inspired Jonas Sr., yes, the father of the Jonas Brothers, to open an ode to his grandmother Nellie in 2016 in Belmont, North Carolina. Now the restaurant – Nellie’s Southern Kitchen – and its southern kitchen is going to Las Vegas and will open in the spring in the former Hecho en Vegas room in the MGM Grand.

“Our family has really achieved a lot here,” says Jonas Sr., referring to concerts that the Jonas Brothers performed in town. Kevin, Joe and Nick started their Remember This tour at the Park Theater at Park MGM in August and planned a mini-residence at the theater for 2020 was early. Vegas was one of those places. ”

Located across from the entrance to the MGM Grand Garden Arena and near the monorail and pools, the 11,000-square-foot restaurant pays homage to Grandmother Nellie, who lived in Belmont, North Carolina until her death in 2011. And of course no Jonas restaurant is complete without live music. A front porch welcomes guests, while inside, the feel of North Carolina’s grassy meadows, weathered barns, and white ship huts brings the space to life.

The famous cookies at Nellie’s Southern Kitchen. Nellie’s south kitchen

These biscuits inspired Nellie’s with a menu of chicken and dumplings, pulled pork smoked over pecan wood and filled on sandwiches, chicken and gravy and a southern meatloaf. “It’s this southern cuisine made by good people who have worked hard,” says Jonas Sr. “The work in the cotton mill was tough, especially for women.”

He recalls spreading flour on the counter and mixing the biscuits with “the skill of a Michelin chef” from memory, rarely measuring out their ingredients. The smell enveloped the house as the cookies were baked. “The Southern bullseye is a cookie,” he says. “If your cookie is great, you are probably a great southern restaurant.”

Jonas Sr. tried every family cookie recipe, including his grandmother’s and mother’s, along with local versions, before settling on the recipe that made “a ton of cookies.” I literally think a lot of cookies, ”says Jonas Sr .. Another family favorite is a sweet potato casserole with pecan glaze by Denise Miller-Jonas, which is served as a side dish and dessert. “It’s a staple food and has been part of the Jonas family since the boys were children,” he says.

Jonas sen. loves his grandmother’s chicken and dumplings. “Her mother taught her, her mother’s mother taught her. This is a 100 year old recipe that really doesn’t need your help. ”He appreciates it’s number one on the menu.

And the banana pudding also finds a home on the menu. “I’m very happy because all the things my grandmother did, they were the two who were waiting for me when I got home,” says Jonas sen.

Chicken and waffles with cinnamon honey butter and maple syrup.

Nellie’s Chicken and Waffles with Cinnamon Honey Butter and Maple Syrup. Nellie’s south kitchen

Chicken and gravy, southern meatloaf, and chicken and waffles with cinnamon and honey butter are also on the menu, along with new dishes prepared just for the Las Vegas location and a cocktail menu. Once open, Nellie plans to start with dinner, then move on to lunch, and later on to brunch.

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